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Notorious M.K.3.

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This is how my car sits right now:

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:SSRMS1RodelSupraMK3.jpg

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:RodelSupra-2010June-Rear1.jpg

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:RodelSupra-2010June-Engine.jpg

I bought the car in 1995 and started the modification of the car by lowering it with H&R springs, but the ride height looked stock. LOL. My car needed to be slammed, no exceptions, so I did the smart thing of cutting the H&R springs.

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:rodelsupra19965.jpg

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:rodelsupra1996.jpg

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:rodelsupra19963.jpg

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:rodelsupra19962.jpg

I really didn't get into modifying my Supra until around 2002; so for about 7 years, my car remained stock. The pictures above are basically the only pictures that I took of the Supra between 1995 and 2002.

I had to go through 5 iterations to figure out how I wanted my exterior setup.

#1 bomex lip, sides, rears, whale tail

#2 Greddy bumper, Regulus sides, no rear add-ons, bomex whale tail

#3 Greddy bumper, Kaminari sides, no rear add-ons, bomex whale tail

#4 Greddy bumper, Kaminari sides, Kaminari rear bumper, bomex whale tail

#5 Current setup: Greddy bumper, Abflug sides, Abflug rears, Kaminari 3 piece wing, Stout hood, Ganador side mirrors, rear hatch visor

I had a built 7m prior to the 2j. Boredom and some peer pressure led me to the 2j. My 2j is stock. The only performance and engine related upgrades I have are:

ARP head bolts

550 injectors

All rubber piping replaced with metal pipes

Fidanza light flywheel

Denso fuel pump

Apexi Worldsport exhaust

AEM standalone

I was on sawblades from 1995 to 2000, I had to make up for lost time with wheels. Lol.

Most of the things that I mentioned above evolved over the past 4 years. I have one more plan to evolve the car. For the fun of it, I have named the project: Notorious MK3 F-Version

Sharing a piece of my Supra history

This is a former car of a good buddy, Sofro. About 13 years ago, a friend invited me to come along to a 1 year old boy's bday part. I didn't know the parents. When I met the kid's father, Sofro, he says to me "I have a Supra too. Wanna see it?" I said, "Yes," with a thought (great, another beat up MKIII). We walked to his garage, then lo and behold, I found this car, which was the catalyst for my desire to have a nice Supra. After seeing Sofro's car, I remember telling a GF, "I'm gonna have the nicest looking MK3 in the city." Good thing Sofro lived 120 miles away and Mike Urbano lived 30 miles away. LOL.

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:sofro.jpg

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:sofrofrontview1.jpg

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:sofroexteriorfrontbumper.jpg

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:sofroexteriorfrontquarterview.jpg

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:sofroexteriorrearquarterview1.jpg

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:sofroexteriorrearquarterview.jpg

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:sofroexteriorrear.jpg

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:sofrointeriorrollcage.jpg

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:sofrointerior.jpg

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:sofroexteriorfrontview.jpg

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:sofroengine4.jpg

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:sofroengine3.jpg

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:sofroengine2.jpg

I was in such awe, I was inspired to fix up my car and emulate Sofro. (Prior to the visit to Sofro's son's bday party, I had little interest in fixing up my Supra.)


Aero kits are an acquired taste. Glad you like my rendition of an aero'd MK3.

So you like it like this! Thanks for the love, IJ.

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:rodel-niseishowoff20102.jpg

In 2000, I decided to buy my first set of aftermarket wheels. I wanted the Racing Sparco Viper-R that I saw in the #70 Supra Hyper Rev book :

Instead, I bought a jenky set of 18x7.5+38 Konig Toxxin that I saw in a Tire Rack type of ad in a Motor Trend type of magazine. I blame my purchase on ignorance. 

A year after buying the wheels, somehow, I felt that the wheels didn't look right.  So I started researching wheels and took interest in these wheels:

Fikse FM5

Racing Hart CP-035

Racing Hart Type-C Tracer

Racing Hart Type-C Mesh

In 2002, I finally pulled the trigger and got these:

HRE 545 18x8.5+38 front and 18x9.5+36 rear

The black wheels on my car are Volk Racing GT-S. Below are more pics of the Kaminari 3 piece spoiler.

Took this pic today

The suspension is cambering, but I don't know the degree. My car never gets an alignment since I adjust the ride height frequently and I don't daily drive it.

My fenders are flared about 1". The Volk Racing GT-S specs:

front 19x9.5+3, then I added 15mm spacers

rear: 19x10.5+18, then I added 10mm spacers.


The Supra hobby took a hiatus from around around 2003 to 2008. I was busy putting this together:

In 2008, after 5 years, I returned to the Supra. Neglected, it looked like this:

The Supra needed a lot of attention and TLC. To start the rehab process, I needed to make sure the car ran properly. Tuning began with the VPC and S-AFC. At 14 lbs of boost, the Supra was able to put down 365 rwhp and 373 lbft torque

Ernie Fixmer, Formula D judge on the left. Jose, aka Kaizen, on the right. 

On the driver seat, the tuner, Bisi Ezerioha: professional drag racer, engine builder, tuner,

Tuning became cumbersome with the VPC and S-AFC. In 2009, the Supra went stand alone.

2 Stepping after the AEM was installed. (Yes..I know: turbo surge. It sounded cool!)

Upgraded CT-26, 550 injectors, stock fuel pump.


In October 2009, the Supra was sent to Makito of Seven Apple for a complete paint job. I was trying to get it done by SILV. I decided not to go, so I asked him to take his time.

Makito, JDM painter, from Tokyo, Japan

Painted and cleared. No wet sanding and polish:

Makito, JDM painter, from Tokyo, Japan.


Tinted the tail lights

Tinted vs. stock USDM

The body kit made the 18x9.5 HRE 545 look small 

The flared fender made the 18x9.5+36 HRE 545 look sunk in 

Since the HREs 545 wheels look too small and sunk in...the SSR MS1 is the wheel of choice

Hmmm...the 19x9.5+24 SSR MS1 is sunk in as well.  

Me and Ken of Shineautoproject trying an add-on fitment


Paint was finished in January 2009. April 2009, the Supra makes it to its first meet ever, at Socal's Annual Irvine BBQ.

Of all the pictures in this post, I enjoy this shot the most...the Supra looks like it has a chopped top.

"Ghosted" carbon fiber hood

May 2009: On the way to the 14th Annual Toyotafest in Long Beach, CA with friends

Taking up space on the 710 Long Beach Freeway

Added the Shineautoproject Varis Style Rear Diffuser

Increased the slam status from the previous meet, the 2009 annual Irvine meet, and changed paced with Volk Racing GT-S wheels


Thank you, Duane. Indeed, the haul has been long. I hope to finish this project in 2011.

The next event for the Supra was Toyotafest 2010. There were 2 major changes: the 2J swap and ARZ Performance front and rear brake upgrade. Props to Kaizen Motorsports.

My little plaque


Thank you for the positive comments, gentlemen. Below are the most recent pictures, from the 2010 Nisei Showoff in Los Angeles, during the month of August. I didn't take pictures of my car, I found these in other websites.

The Supra MK3 enthusiast is not me (BTW, Nick's car is to my left.)

The only new addition from the previous meet, the 2010 ToyotaFest, was the Hella fog lights. Also I switched from the SSR MS1 to the Volk Racing GT-S

This is how they look turned on. I installed 6500K HID in them. I did the foglight mod. During day time driving, I turn them on for the daytime running light effect, but leave the driving lights retracted. In the evening, in the attempt to decrease attention from the po-lice, I turn the fog lights off.

These guys look either puzzled or curious about the "ghost" painted carbon fiber hood.


Greddy front bumper

Shine Spec-A side skirts (Abflug Replica)

Shine Spec-A rear addons in carbon fiber (Abflug Replica)

Kaminari 3 piece wing

KevinM Hatch visor (OEM replica)

Flared fenders

Stout replica hood (by Nick Stonawski), w/ Aerocatch hood locks

Tinted rear taillights by Makito of Seven Apple

Ganador side mirrors


Racing Sparco Torino Seats

6 point bolt-in roll cage

Nardi Z5 steering wheel

Retro-Spec carbon fiber A pillars

Retro-Spec carbon fiber Stereo Bezel

CFX carbon fiber center console lid cover

Schroth harness seat belts

Veilside aluminum, weighted shift knob


2JZ-GTE w/ JDM stock twins

550 RC Engineering injectors

Denso fuel pump

Aeromotive adjustable fuel pressure regulator

A.R.C. airbox

ARP headbolts

HKS metal head gasket

HKS adjustable Cam Gears

Drift Motion JZ Pulley Kit

Greddy Type-R blow off valve

Fluidyne radiator

Flex-A-Lite dual electric fans

CX-Racing intercooler w/custom piping by Kaizen Motorsports

CFX intercooler block-off plate


Apexi Worldsport exhaust

Custom downpipe by Kaizen Motorsports


Fidanza light flywheel

ACT clutch

C's short throw shifter


AEM Standalone ecu

AEM UEGO wideband

AEM serial datastream gauge

Apexi turbo timer

HKS boost gauge


Tein Flex Coilovers

ST anti-sway bars

BIC sway bar end-links


Wilwood 6 piston front calipers w/ 13" rotors (by ARZ Performance)

Wilwood 4 piston rear calipers w/ 12.9" rotors (by ARZ Performance)


Hella 90mm projector driving lights w/ HID

Hella 90mm high beam lights

Hella FF75 fog lights w/ HID

Pre-89 Euro turn signals

JDM bubble side markers

Wheels/Tires - current setup

Volk Racing GT-S 19x9.5+30 front, 19x10.5+18 rear

Falken FK-452: 235/35/19 front, 245/35/19 rear

10mm spacers added to rear wheels. Wheels plus spacers = +15 offset

15mm spacers added to the front wheels. Wheels plus spacers = +8 offset


I did a same day turnaround trip to Vegas. I left the house on Sunday 5 am and arrived t0 Vegas at 9:15 am. I cruised the Las Vegas Blvd Strip for a few minutes. I left my house with a clean Supra, but after the 240 mile trip, I had dust all over the car and had dead bugs all over my bumper, so I got a car wash. After the wash, I bought Meguiars quick detailer at Autozone. Since I knew that the food at the even was going to cost an arm and a leg, I bought Panda Express food to go (orange chicken/ Beijing beef/ fried rice). Finally, I arrived at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway at 11:15 am.

The show was fun, overall. I met people from the forums. Parked next to me was an female senior citizen who had a clean read Supra who paid $675 to ship her car from New Mexico to Vegas. Now that's a true Supra fan! Many people gave me positive feedback about my Supra. One guy, who brought his MKIV to the Show and Shine, now wants to buy an MKIII. 

The show ended around 4:30 pm. I went to Rio's Carnival World Buffet with Nick Stonawski, his gf, Jill, and two fellow MKIII owners, Christian and Joshua. 

I finally left Vegas around 8:30 pm. The drive home was crazy. I drove in a storm with epic lightnings and dense fog. I finally got home at 1 am and went to sleep at 1:30 am. At 4 am, I left the house go to work.

Below are some pictures that I grabbed, taken by other attendees. 

At the end of the show, I was given an award

Since my car has looked the same for the past three 2010 meets: Toyota Fest, Nisei Showoff, Supras Invade Las Vegas, it's time to start project: Notorious MK3 F-Version

Thank you. I hope you make it to a future Vegas event. SILV should have an award for the longest drive to Vegas. The shifter is C's with a Veilside shift knob. Greddy has an identical shift knob.

A rolling shot, on the 15 freeway, after leaving Show and Shine, courtesy of Nick Stonawski's gf, Jill.


It's time to replace the stock twins with single. 


67 Billet Compressor wheel

Triple ceramic ball bearing

4 inch inlet and a 3 inch outlet compressor cover

Turbine - 0.68 undivided 3"


Sorry...just haven't taken the time to do that. I will make time to take pics of the rear interior this weekend

Cell Phone pic: Getting gas in Barstow, around 6:30 am of the morning of Show and Shine, on the way to SILV 2010. The gas attendant asked me if my car is a Supra "GT-S" (He said that he had a Celica GT-S)


I apologize that it took so long. Thank you for being patient. I'm gonna be installing rear seats, so I may be removing the cage.


Here's literally the exact same cage, but painted red, in without rear panels.


Today: I woke up at 4 am to attend Cars and Coffee, Irvine.


Then you could buy it when it goes up for sale.

Took some photos with some friends this Saturday.


Update: exhaust manifold being fabricated. The final result will be a twin scroll, dual wastegate manifold.


Exhaust manifold progress:

The wastegates tubes and 44mm Tial flanges are next.


Welding would be a nice skill to have. This is the turbo.

Almost complete. One wastegate flange done

Second wastegate flange done! Complete!

The next task is to select a wastegate. These are options so far:


Pseudo mockup. 


Back on track!

This is about the only love the car gets from others. 


Hehehe...that was a random pic from last year's Toyota Fest. I'm sure there will be more in this year's event. I will take some, just for you, poodles.

Getting some love from the gentlemen last summer. No homo. Neither of the two is me. They are Nick (right) Sirv (left)


It's time for a makeover.


Another component of the wheel build: 120 chrome 12 point flange bolts


More wheel setup work in progress. 18x9.5+25, but I expect the wheels to sink into the fender when a tire is mounted and the wheel is planted onto the ground.


Rear test fitment. After the assembly is complete, this will be a 18x10.5+8 setup. Tires will either be 285/30 or 295/30


Thank you!

Some progress. It's crunch time. Toyotafest is exactly 2 weeks away.

Headlight bezel

Chrome plated outer lip, powder coated inner lip, and polished center. 

11"+13 offset. Outer lip is 4", inner lip is 7"

The centers will be anodized to look like this "Burning Black" Work VS-KF. (I've been wanting VS-KFs for a long time, but each time I find a good deal on it, I'm too late.)


Got some goodies:


I will be attending a reformer's anonymous class.

A couple more items:


Yes, the WG's will be vented to the atmosphere. The headlight bezel was wrapped with 3M Di Noc, but I took them off.

Pics from Toyotafest 2011

I actually underestimated the tire sizing. Previously I had 245, then 255, now 265. After mounting the 265, I learned I could mount 275s, perhaps even 285s.

More pics!


^^ Thanks!

My diffuser is crooked.  It's a good thing that Shine mounted it to be adjustable. 

Pics by KevinM. One day I'll have hydraulics.


The manifold is being built (again) right now. I want it on, ASAP, but I'm thinking about allocating money for a summer vacation first. So hopefully the turbo will be on sometime before 2012. Here's a possibility that I've been eying: gold dipped compressor housing.


A rear diffuser shot




A better shot of the diffuser


Supra Mini Meet on Memorial Day 2011



Hi, Jill. You made it to SM! Wheel lippage is nice to have. How is you lip action coming along? I need more front lip.

The rear lip action is decent.



At Hellaflush 8 in Santa Monica beach, a couple of months ago.

On the left of the picture: me (red sweatshirt), Kevin, and Ken (Shineautoproject). On the right is the long line of people waiting to pay for their parking spot. We had a Supra MKIV homie stand line for us. We're happy about not being in line. LOL. 

After Hellaflush 8, we drove off to another meet: It's JDM Yo! Ist Anniversary

Parking and a good demonstration of the "ghost" painted carbon fiber hood.

Candid shot while cleaning the dirt collected while driving from Hellaflush 8.


My manifold is finally done and fits.


Here's a test fitment of the manifold/turbo/wastegate setup. The manifold is a twin scroll, dual wastegate setup. The wastegates are Tial. The Comp turbo has: anti-surge housing, 67mm billet compressor wheel, 0.68 turbine wheel, twin scroll exhaust flange, triple ball bearing, oil and water cooling. As part of the single turbo upgrade, I will be swapping to a VVTI head.

(This is not in my engine bay. We used another car for the test fitment.)


Thank you!

The VVTI head that will be part of the next round of modification.


I think I'm stuck with it. LOL.

March 1, 2012 is the scheduled start of the project: Toyota Fest 2012. Stay tuned!

I haven't done anything to the Supra since 2010, but I recently replaced my Optima Red top with a PC680 to free up some space in the engine bay.


I've been looking at these wheels.


A component of the single turbo project arrived today. A pair of Bosch 044 fuel pumps will be used:


I used autometer pods.

No update on the new look yet, but today I received another component of the project. Less than 2 months until Toyota Fest left.


A sneak peak of the front end makeover. The license plate area will be modified.

(Yes, that's an MK4 in the background. No, it's not my car.)


Nothing custom. Just an S2 air guide and S2 lip. The front end will look like this:


Fresh vvti head. I'll take more pictures when it is sitting on the block.


The goal

Some progress

Abflug lip that will be modified to look like the S2 lil

S2 Airguide and Abflug lip


More progress on the S2 Airguide. The airguide was massaged so that it fits perfectly prior to molding it into the bumper.


I just realized this now. These are pics I downloaded from the web.

Neisei show in August 2010. Check out the dude.

Hellaflush 8 meet in May 2011. 


As of today:

No engine.

Dismantled front end.


With the additional power that the car will make, I needed wheels and tires that will plant the car to the ground. I picked up Enkei NT03+M wheels in 18x10.5 +30. 285 35 will be at the rear. 255 35 will be up front.

I really like these wheels because they are light weight and have a lot of details like the dual valve stems, "perimeter brace ring" and a little bit of concavity on the spokes.

(I read that dual valve stems help in exchanging regular air for nitrogen. One stem is used to let out the regular air while nitrogen is put in the other stem. Not sure if I would actually every do this. The dual valve stems are a cool conversation piece though. LOL.)

For the interim, I will roll silver, but I will have them powder coated blue.


S2 airguide work in progress: molding the airguide and bumper together.


Progressive pics of the motor:

The fresh head:

Turbo mocked on

Motor test fitted into the bay so that the down pipe and waste gates dump tube fabrication could be initiated

Motor back out

Oil and water lines created


Motor is back in the car.

The harness was a new 7M harness that has been modified. There are only about 65 wires remaining. There will be no zip tie action involved in the finished product.

Twin HKS 60MM would be nice.


Has been replaced with V2.

This is being used to wrap the harness:


Let's keep the thread going.


Now that Kaizen Motorsports is done with the daily...

...we can pick up where we left off.


The project has experienced major delays. Hoping the car will be done on June 15, 2013.

As of 1 month ago:


Number Five


This TRD bar is looks pretty good. The only one that I think looks better is an HKS Kansai. Here it is on Mike Urbano's car


Last week.



I'm sure this new bumper styling will get mixed feedback.

Old and busted OEM bumper with grill that has been cut out + Abflug Lip

S2 airguide

The airguide was massaged/trimmed so that it fits perfectly.

Molding in S2 airguide

Modified the Abflug lip to S2 style by chopping the side burns. Also, the parts that overlap the bumper were chopped off for a cleaner look.

The round tunnels for projector lights.


The backside

End result

Pardon the picture quality for now.


Thank you. Ironically, my buddy, Roy, who did the body work on the bumper moved to Socal from TX a few years ago.

His Supra: 

Fuel system work in progress. Surge tank and external fuel pumps located above the diff.

Fuel lines

Ron R. Intake Manifold


After picking up from the polisher today.

Inside the manifold.


Engine bay painted. 

Valve covers powder coated texture.

Intake manifold: some welds grinded down, polished, brush finished, then powder coated with satin clear.



Got some goodies in the mail this week.

Stopped by the Japanese Classic Car Show in Long Beach yesterday and picked up some fun items.

A decal by Japanese Nostalgic Car

While I do have Shine replica aero on my car...I found the Engrish in this JDM Ego license plate frame amusing, so I had to have it.

Engine shot update:


668rwph 615 torque @ 25lbs of boost on E85

Torque on the left side graph. Power on the right side graph.



It's been a long 17 months since the make over I figured that I would recap.

It started with a 2JGTE non-vvti engine. The goal of the upgrade was to gain more horsepower, yet have a responsive motor.

Components of the former engine/tranny setup:

2JZ-GTE w/ JDM stock twins

550 RC Engineering injectors

Denso fuel pump

Aeromotive adjustable fuel pressure regulator

A.R.C. airbox

ARP headbolts

HKS metal head gasket

HKS adjustable Cam Gears

Drift Motion JZ Pulley Kit

Greddy Type-R blow off valve

Fluidyne radiator

Flex-A-Lite dual electric fans

CX-Racing intercooler w/custom piping by Kaizen Motorsports

clutch: Fidanza light flywheel, ACT clutch

Engine Management: AEM V1 Standalone ecu

Exterior wise, this is what it looked like, prior to minor changes to the front end were made. The car had a Gracer bumper.

Components of the new setup:

Comp Turbo:

67 Billet Compressor wheel

Triple ceramic ball bearing

4 inch inlet and a 3 inch outlet compressor cover

Turbine - 0.68 undivided 3"

Custom Exhaust Manifold by Doc Race: dual waste gates and twin scroll.

Second wastegate flange done! Complete!

Almost complete. One wastegate flange done.

Second wastegate flange done! Complete! But there was a problem, the manifold didn't fit. It had to be redone. 

Finally after 6 months from the start of fabrication, the manifold was redone and fit the car.


Here's a test fitment of the manifold/turbo/wastegate setup.

VVTI head

The VVTI head was freshened. 

Bosch 044 fuel pump (a pair of external pump are in the new setup)

Injectory Dynamics 1000cc injectors

Fuel surge tank and external fuel pumps located above the differential

Fuel lines

Oil and Water Hard lines

AEM V1...

Was replaced with V2.

Raychem used to wrap the harness:

Ron R. Intake Manifold


Inside the manifold.

The manifold was polished

I wanted the S2 front bumper setup, with a NTORIOS twist.

Components of the bumper:

Old and busted OEM bumper with grill that has been cut out + Abflug Lip, and S2 airguide

The airguide was massaged so that it fits perfectly.

Molding in S2 airguide

Chopped up the Abflug lip: the side burns and the parts that overlap the bumper.

The round tunnels could be used for the driving lights or just as air ducts.

I wanted the S2 front bumper setup, with a NTORIOS twist.

Components of the bumper:

Old and busted OEM bumper with grill that has been cut out + Abflug Lip, and S2 airguide

The airguide was massaged so that it fits perfectly.

Molding in S2 airguide

Chopped up the Abflug lip: the side burns and the parts that overlap the bumper.

The round tunnels could be used for the driving lights or just as air ducts.

A fan shroud had to be fabricated to make an OEM fan fit.

Catch can

Radiator cap sexiness.

Zeitronix Ethanol Content Analyzer (ECA)


Recent OEM sexi acquisition

Car finally ran on Oct 1.

Dyno time on Wednesday, evening Oct 3, three days before Supras Invade Vegas (SIV) 2013 show and shine

558rwhp and 600tq pull video

Jose (Kaizen Motorsports) in the white t-shirt. Daniel, in the black t-shirt, the tuner, of Church Automotive Testing

Final tune: 668rwph 615 torque @ 25lbs of boost on E85

Torque on the left side graph. Power on the right side graph.


Fueling up on Friday evening, Oct 4, to make the trip to Vegas on Sat, Oct 5.

For extra measure: 15 gallons of extra fuel in the trunk.

SIV 2013: Show N Shine and Dyno Challenge

Dyno Video


I should sell it to you, cuz it doesn't really function. 

Very short videos. Poor quality. I will get better footage.

Good rolling shot, but the engine can't be heard.

Poor video, but captured a decent sound clip of the exhaust sound.


Small DSport feature about Supras Invade Vegas 2013



Toyotafest 2014 was today. Wanted to share the new setup: Carbon Kevlar (lip add-on, Tommykaira side skirt extensions, rear diffuser side vortex generators) Enkei NTO3+M wheels, HKS Dual Evolution Exhaust


I appreciate it, Atlas! Wheel fitment makes a difference with how a car looks. Having a black car helps pull off the aero.

My three favorite shots from Toyotafest. 

Seems like a cool photo


67/2014 HRE Wheels open house



Some pics from Supras in Vegas 2014


Interior makeover to stock leather shadow gray

Thanksgiving day rollout.


Rear subframe came down today. Suspension work is in progress.


ready for powdercoat

Rear spindles will be restored.


My mk3 is on hiatus at the moment. Last year, I hired and paid Hvyman, aka Kyle Davis, who happens to be a moderator of Supramania, to perform work on my car. He was unsuccessful.

I drove a perfectly functioning car to Kyle's garage. When i finally realized that he was doing the car harm rather than good, I decided to pull the car from him. It left on a trailer, undriveable.  

Much of the work that Kyle performed needs to be undone and redone or fixed. Kyle didn't refund any of the money that I paid him, which was in full.


The engine bay was repainted in May 2015

Rear subframe restored and reinforced.

Ronnie K bushings

Battle Version arms: camber, trailing , toe

Rear hubs restoration

New spherical and polyurethane bushings and bearings 

Freshened rear axles

Freshened rear A arms with polyurethane bushings

Cleaned and painted rear diff. Will be replacing the rusty bolts.

New factory oem hardware

ear subframe/ suspension before and after

My most recent acquisitions that I am very excited about because of the nostalgic feel they provide! Actual pictures of minty freshness to come.

1989 Alpine 7288 pullout head unit

1991 Alpine 3331 Equalizer

More updates to come.

Refinished headlight components:


Headlight motor brackets

Headlight assemblies

For the next evolution:

Rocket Bunny style fenders

Bomex T2 wing