How-To: Pinion Seal by Toreador4x4

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How-To: Pinion Seal 

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This is how to replace a pinion seal. a 31 spline 8.8 with a Torsen limited slip was used for this demonstration.

Thank you to Tyler (0RangerEdge2) for taking the pics and helping out!

Total Time : 20 mins

WARNING: do not eat before you look at the pics, the guy in the pics is ugly...

Raise the vehicle and remove the diff cover if you are planning to change the fluid at this time.

Mark the driveshaft location on the pinion flange and the driveshaft flange

Remove the driveshaft bolts using a 12pt 12mm socket

Tie the driveshaft up and out of your way

Mark the pinion flange orientation on the diff housing

Mark the nut orientation on the pinion stud and the pinion stud orientation to the pinion flange

Measure the depth of the stud protruding from the pinion nut

Remove the 1 1/16" nut to remove the pinion flange

Tap the pinion flange off of the pinion

watch that you dont get sprayed with gear oil like was 

Remove the pinion flange

Remove the pinion seal

Install the new pinion seal

Install the pinion flange making sure all the marks line up that you made earlier

Re measure the pinion stud depth and tighten the nut down until the marks line up

Re install the driveshaft making sure the mating surfaces are clean

Put the diff cover on and fill with fluid and you are good to go!

hope this helps!