SN95 Big Block Build up (Project Black Bandit) by Speeda86

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SN95 Big Block Build up (Project Black Bandit) 

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Hello fellow Corral members!!!

Today is a great day for me! I am pleased to announce I have begun my big block build up project on my 1997 Mustang GT. Originally this car was a sweet street sleeper. She had a complete 2003 termi swap done to her from the previous owner and it was pretty stock for the most part until i got my hand on her. I built the rear end up with Mosar axles and 4.10's. New pulley and exhaust and she ended up at 454rwhp and 478rwtq.

Unfortunately, Last summer I had to sell her due to schooling and other financial reasons. I ended up selling her to a fellow member here on corral where he transferred the complete drivetrain setup into his fox body car. Well I went to Vegas this spring and won pretty big out there so I called the owner of my car to see if he would sell her back to me.

Turns out he ended up selling it to his friend. Well then I called his friend and I was talking to him for a few days trying to get him to sell it back to me and turns out a few days later he caved and let me buy my car back. Unfortunately the whole drivetrain was missing. It didn't bother me all that much and then the wheels started to turn in my head on the long drive back from Pennsylvania!

By the time I got home I finally decided to create a big block car. I have always wanted one and not to many people do this kind of thing to a sn95car. So I am predicting it will take me a year or so to rebuild the car and countless hours of fab work to get it done. I have a pretty good plan set right now as to how I am going about doing this setup but if you guys have some good advice that will help the build up please post.

I have chosen that name Black Bandit because of the 1938 movie titled Black Bandit. When 12-year-old Bob Ramsay captures a pair of wild colts on the range, he gives the pinto colt to his twin brother Don. The latter is surly because he didn't get the fiery black colt and, a few nights later, he steals it and runs away. In the passing years Bob becomes a respected sheriff while Don turns outlaw and is known as the notorious "Black Bandit", who dresses in black and rides a black stallion....I took this from a website so its word for word the plot line...I thinks its a very fitting name so I am going to run with it!

The engine that will be put into this car ia a fully forged 514 backed by a c6 trans. Out back I am going to build the stock rear end up...Mosar axles, spool, C-clip elim, new gear set(not sure the ratio yet), bearings and seals, Team Z K-member and A-arms, Strange 10-way adjustable shocks/struts, MM full length sub-frame connectors, and I will be using a motor plate setup, and as for the finer things I will post when I get to that point. I have the cage on order and will be here soon. As I make progress I will post up pics. Thank you all in advance for you advice and support!

Edit: I ended up picking up a 9" for a good price so I am going with that instead. Also I am putting a mule motor first to get all the kinks worked out and then building the big and nasty one!! I am contimplating a blower :-)

ADDED: I have chosen to do a tribute to my grand parents and uncle who have past in the last two years. Some guys have tatoos and I am not really into that so this is how I am going to express my love and memories for my loved ones. RIP Grandpa and Grandma Beach as well as Uncle Jim. We are big Michigan State fans and my cousin (Jim's son) loves Michigan and my Uncle always told him no matter what day it is, blue and yellow always make green!!! Love you all and thanks for the support.

Here are some pics from before I sold it..

And this is how I found her!!



Did some simple removing of the entire interior and picked up a stock K-member from a local friend. Here is some progress I have made...

My buddy Jay helping with the tear down....

Gutted just a little bit!!!

The complete interior in the basement....its already been sold...sorry guys

Pic of the engine bay just begging for the engine....

She is coming along slowly but surely!!



ok guys here is a little update on what I have done.
The front suspension is complete with a custom Team Z Motorsports K-member that has no engine mount perches as well as Team Z tube A-arms, Strange coil over setup and new wheel bearings. Cage is going to start to be installed within the month and I just got the race C6 trans back the other day...Also just picked up pistons so I will get photos of engine build soon.

I am lost at what to do for the trans mount and crossmember...does anyone know what I can use? Thanks guys and girls!!

My buddy Ryan helpin get part of the dash back in..


Just a small update of the cage being is getting here today or first thing next week...i will keep you guys updated (thats my old man in the background)


Cage is finished!!! It will get paint next week on my day off and I will post pics when I get them...Also got a pic of the seat and the engine mock up.

Kirkey seat


Cage is finished!! I will get some pics tonight and post them when I can....I am also on my way to Team Z Motorsports to pick up my rear suspesion today! Next on the list...Brakes and plumbing the fuel system!


Just a small update...I got the car back but havent taken pics yet..I will this week...going to NC this weekend so I will do my best!



Couple interior pics

Currie 9"

TeamZ upper and lower adjustable control arms ( Those brake lines are going away very soon! )

Cheap craigslist motor to get the car rollin and the kinks worked out for the big motor next year hopefully it runs!! If not I will just part it out.


Car looks amazing today!!! First time she has seen sun since November!!

Painted the engine bay and roll cage with VHT Chassis & Roll Bar paint in satin black...I love the way it turned out

She is ready for the motor..she is just beggin for it!!

Alright fellas there is your candy for a little bit!! I am off to Reno, Nevada tomorrow morning and will be gone for 4 days so I will reply when I get back into town!!

Next step brakes and maybe install the engine!!


Going to try and get the fuel system plumbed and the motor in this weekend...still saving money for converter and flex plate so I can fire this puppy up!


Update!! Motor is in!!!

Buddy Jesse cleaning up the exhaust ports

Dont mind the air cleaner..thats not the one I am using...Also I think I am going to ditch the carb spacer so I get a little more hood clearance. I will take a few side shots in a few days. I love the stance of the car as it is now!!


Fuel system is finished...brakes are almost done...finishing brakes and starting wiring next weekend. Hope to snap some pics...I just always forget lol.



I have a few pics to show the progress on the car.

Brake stuff:

Nice little box of goodies waiting for me after work on a friday.

Gauge cluster finished with Autometer Ultra-lite II gauges with an Innovate MTX-L wideband.

Dash complete:

All I am going to say is wiring takes a lot of patients...........and beer.

I have just about everything to finish the car...just need time. I will update when i get more things finished.


Little update for all...wiring is done!! Pain in my butt thats for sure!

Getting really close to starting her up! Thinking about swapping some heads before I start it up for the first time. Lots of little road blocks I am trying to get through. Soon though I will have video up.


Here is a pic of the truck I picked up..2003 F250 XLT with the FX4 package. I love this truck!


She is alive!!!! Looks like the starter is hanging up a little...not sure how to fix that...I got the starter from a friend so maybe swap it out for a new one. I will post more videos when I get her going good.


Well boys she runs under her own power!!!! I will get a video tonight and post it. It was raining yesterday so just spent the night going through and making sure all the bolts were tight. I can not wait for her first burnout!


Update: Got the brakes all sorted out finally I also go the shifter plate finished and just waiting for the paint to dry to on the list is to shim the starter and tune the carb with new jets...never done this before so if anyone has good pointers chime in please.


Well car as a miss and I am trying to track it down...I can tell the engine is not running at 100% but still pulls pretty strong. Will update when i figure out that issue.


Tracked down the issue I think...Looks like two wires made there way to the header and own fault for not double checking...also swapping intakes as well...will update later this week..if the right offer comes along I will let her go but until then I will still work on her.


Car is no longer for sale..just gonna get her tweaked over the winter and we will see if we can get her to the track next year...thinking a 533 build over winter....we shall see!

Project Black Bandit is back on track!!!

I also am barrowing a bigger carb from a buddy so we will see how she runs tonight...if I can get some one to ride along I will get some video.


Thanks you guys!! The car is missing pretty bad right around 3k....i checked compression and everything is within 9 psi of each other(115-124. Plugs look saturated with fuel in the thread area and one plug on #7 was black like its fire every other time or something....The carb now is a 750 with size 66 in front and 72 in rear...good clean idle response but dies out at 3k rpm. Maybe MSD box is bad? Maybe low voltage on battery so not enough volts to run the MSD box?


A random pic that I never posted for some reason with the hood on front bumper on...I need to find a better front bumper if anyone has leads on one PM me please.


Here are a couple pics of installing the shifter...I dunno what I should use the little red button for tehehee!!



Hood is done bolted on..nowjust need the correct hoodpins..Also changed the wheels to black powdercoated 03 Cobra's..these are my street wheels...i think they are fitting for Project Black Bandit


Also finished the new bench! I love bowling and there is nothing in Michigan besides bowling and skiing in the a piece of synthetic lane for the top for free...looks darn good and should hold up nicely.