Run power wire for audio 2012 Fiat 500 by troy_audi0

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Run power wire for audio 2012 Fiat 500

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So the other day I got my old power wire out and cleaner it up, now covered in Grey Texflex, I have some pictures showing the proper way to run wire in the Fiat 500.

I Mounted my breaker temp till I get a chance to make the custom bettery holder.

Ok get under the dash find the Burgundy plug Lock, pull and lift.. to remove the connector, you will need a razor knife to cut the fire wall cover away.

Here are some shots from the engine side.

Looking between the (Black Brake lines) you can see the rubber grommet.

On the second picture you can see on the right hand side under the lip the cutout in the firewall cover. 

Use a 10mm deep socket to remove the throttle, I used a Snap ring grommet with rubber seal got it off ebay for $1.30

Sticky pad with ziptie mounted on the under side. (used 90^ bit holder)

I used (3) Zipties to mount the 0awg wire to the power harness under the dash II <- (2) like this, then slip (1) like this ---- <---- that way you can mount it to the harness and the to wire.

The finished product.. I ran the rest under the console and under the rear seat.. more pictures later