Modern Performance Throttle Body by F 500 Sport

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Modern Performance Throttle Body

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I have put larger throttle body's on Fords in the past and always had good results in doing so. I am also sending a throttle body to get machined for my Jeep, so with that said, I ordered the Modern Performance Throttle Body Upgrade. The details along with specs are on their web site. Long story short they take a brand new Fiat throttle body and have it machined about 3 mm larger, install a new larger butter fly plate and new screws. They claim 6 WHP on a stock Dodge Dart.

There is a video of the installation on the other 500 web site and also a couple write ups on one of the Dodge Dart forums. The throttle responce is much smoother from off idle all through the power band. Keep in mind I have a short ram intake, Sprint Booster and my only other modification is a stainless straight through muffler and I also have increased the preload a bit on my waist gate actuator. 

Installation is pretty straight forward and only took about an hour with all the looking and double checking I did. the tools required were a T-30 Torx, flat blade screwdriver, 10 mm deep 1/4 drive socket and ratchet, 1" and 2" 1/4 drive extensions, pliers and a 3/8 ratchet. ( my T-30 is 3/8 drive ) I had taken pics and was going to post a step by step, but I saw the video posted tonight on the other forum. 

The performance gain is noticeable immediately. From off idle all through the power band. I was never thrilled with my 500 Sport or Abarth off the line, but this part smooths out the acceleration. It takes less pedal to accomplish the same thing as before, if that makes sense. This part works well with the Sprint and SRI and I imagine will accent a high flow exhaust/down pipe. The amount they are able to open these up is not a large margin by any means, but they do increase the over all size of the boar AND remove a "step" at the base of the TB at the throttle plate. Jeep uses a restriction like this also supposedly for drive-ability purposes. I will say this as plain as possible; with my car, and the modifications I have at the present time, my car accelerates smoother and faster with this TB than the stock one.

If you are considering this I feel it is money well spent and is "one" piece of the performance puzzle. If I was only able to do one mod I would put this off a bit and look at CAI's/SRI's or a ECU piggy back from one of the many fine vendors that support our new 500's. 

Read the write ups on the Dodge Dart forum and 500 forums and see where/if this fits in your modification plan. I copy/pasted some address below, if this angers the form elders I will understand.

Posted some pics of the install for viewing pleasure.

Happy shopping, T