How to replace a broken fog light housing (500 Sport) by Hayden

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How to replace a broken fog light housing (500 Sport)

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Only do this procedure for removing the fog light housing if you have small hands, skinny arms, or are confident in working in tight spaces with a little help from some flathead screwdrivers for leverage. Your fingers may not make it through the steps. If so, remove the bumper to gain access.

Step 1: Jack up and remove the wheel on the side with the broken assembly. Put a jack stand along with your jack, always.

Step 2: Do the standard procedure for bumper removal with the relevant fender lining, but no further. The fasteners that need removing are circled below:

Step 3: Pull back the fender and "hook it" on the brake caliper to keep it out of the way.

Step 4: Reach inside and find the tabs that are holding the front black trim on. Push the tabs away from the body/painted side, all the way around. They have a hook at the end that need to be pushed and then released with outwards pressure. You will need to undo a few of these partially and then try and wiggle out one side, and then work around to the back of the other side, and try and get those undone. 

This is the difficult part. The most inward tabs (towards the center of the car) are very hard to reach, and if you can contort your hand around the bottom, and then the top, you can release the remaining clips. The key is to grab from the front and wiggle as you do this. A few of the tabs, with the trim already partially removed are visible in the pic below:

Step 5: Remove broken lamp (make sure it's unplugged) and put the new one in with three screws, as show. Used lamps can be had on ebay currently for around $30, as opposed to something like $120 from the dealership. 

Step 6: Snap black trim back into place from the front of the car. Goes on very easy.

Done! You've saved either time and money at the dealership, or at the very least, saved having to remove your whole bumper for something that is bound to happen occasionally throughout ownership of the car.

This picture of the broken lamp shows the location of the tab slots better.