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How-To Remove 2012 Fiat 500 Door Panel

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How-To Remove 2012 Fiat 500 Door PanelOk, My wife is out of town so I wanted to help you guys/gals see how-to remove the door panel.The tools you will need:#2 phillips screwdriver5mm Allen Driver45^ hook pickSmall Flat head driverPlastic tools(If your removing the speakers add Drill & 1/4" drill bit)Here is a picture of all the tools I used and everything that will be removed

Here are the pictures showing all of the screw & allen locations in order of removale 

Open the door you will find (2) plugs (1) top of the door the other on the bottom conerI used a small flat head driver for this, You will find the #2 Phillips in this location

Next removing the chrome door handel cover.

I used a flat plastic tool to pry it up, I did need to put some pressor on the other side with my hand.

as you can see from the picture it has a clip on the Top,Rear side & Bottom the front side has a hook, if you break this hook off you will need to ger a new part.

After removing it you will find another 5mm Hex (Allen bolt) behind it, remove and toss in grass 

The next part you will need to lay on the ground for..

Get your other plastic tool slide it between the panel and the door, try to find the sweet pink plastic barbed pins that hold the door on.. I think you know whats next.. use the tool to help the come out of the door if you go full hood rat you will break them off. so you the tool.

after you get all ten of the pins out pull the panel away from the door starting at the bottom and then lift, this will get the panel off the door, your not done yet.

You need to unhook the door handel, and the power mirrors.

Now for you guys putting in new speakers, you will need to drill out the (3) rivets and pry the speaker baffle off..

It looks like a toyota speaker baffle to me.

Please read in reverse to put the door back on...

FYI I hate the way you do the pictures on this forum..


I would Buy or make an adaptor like this

for the rear i will need to look.. i never use rear speaker so i did not even look at that.. i would rather buy a better front set then 2 mid line sets..


the OEM speaker

Needed to modify the speaker so I could make a perfect templet..

FYI you can install a speakers upto 5" deep in this door.. (it holds a 6.5" speaker 4" deep to be safe)

ok now I have My templet for the Fiat 500..I will finish them after work tomorrow 

If you need adaptor rings made PM me I can hook you up..


Got a bit done after work, Thanks to 4-The-Truck in Henderson, Nv for the Line-X spray!! 

Here we go

Tined the speaker leads

Tined the Speaker Terminals

Soldered on Heat shrink to make it safe, Negative wire has the Black trace 

Speaker mounted I am thinking of Nut Serts for the final speaker mount to the door..