Hot wire Radar with pictures by pk9394

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Hot wire Radar with pictures

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I am kind of lazy to run the power all the way from the auxiliary power outlet.

So I just pick up the power from the domes light directly. The downside is, I need to turn on and shutdown the radar every single time. Because this power source is always alive. If I have a sunroof that will solve the problem.

Here is the tools and parts I use, and a drill a drill not in the picture

Step 1, pull the domes light unit out by push forward and pull in down, only 2 clips holding it. very easy to comes off.

Step 2, there is 2 wire connected to this unit. disconnect the wire with the white connector, I leave the blue & me mic connected.

Step 3, drill a 1/4 inch hole on the left side opening inside the domes light

Step 4, run the wire pass through the hole and comes out on the right side opening

As of the wire, I use regular telephone coil wire on my X5 before, they works but sometime when I go over a dump the power will disconnect and reconnect again. I think is due to the wire inside these telephone wire is so thin, these tap-in clip can hold it well.

So, this time I use 22 gauge wire and connected to a phone jack and wrapped with heat shrink tube.

Step 5, cut the black fabric wrapping off, and use Tap-in clip to connect the positive and the ground on the wire with the white plug

Step 6, put all wire and domes light back into the place.



OK, is a confirm! the power from the domes light will be turns off itself after the all doors is lock from the remote in about 30 min. when I press the unlock button again, the power will be back on. That means I can leave the device on all the time. That is a great news for anyone like to install homelink.