DIY Muffler Delete on '13 POP by PoorBoysRacing

By diyauto
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DIY Muffler Delete on '13 POP

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Me and my buddy did a muffler delete to my pop yesterday. I like the sound of it, although it is a bit louder than I expected LOL. Love the cackles and burbles in the exhaust note though.

We literally Just loped off the muffler with a grinder. Got a 18" long section of 2" diameter exhaust pipe from advance auto for $10, mocked it up, took her back off and wedled her up. We were able to re use the stock tip which I was happy about, and re use part of the stock hanger (we used some scrap square steel to exhend the hangers to the new pipe. Please excuse the welds on the hangers, Rafe was running out of gas by the end of the day which made for some less than pretty welds. The ones on the exhaust however look killer! (never a bad idea to have a friend who can really weld!) lol

I'll try to get a video up soon of the sound.

anyways pics: