Custom short shifter rod :) by SFHPAWEL

By diyauto
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Custom short shifter rod :)

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Hello friends,

So I decided to tackle my shifter last night... it was too tall especially with the Cravenspeed shift knob. So knowing that I plan not to use my original shift knob. I cut down the shift rod, center drilled a hole and then used a 1/4" tap to make a new thread inside the rod. I cut the rod about 2". It was fairly simple if you know your way around tools


I was originally going to do it on a lathe, but it was hard to get the assembly piece centered in the machines claw. So yea I used the drill press. Be careful though, that rod is no joke, snapped my original drill bit inside then I had to use a carbide drill bit to drill out the snapped one ;P almost had a heart attack.


That works too and looks great

I guess it all depends on the circumstance I was presented with the Cravenspeed shift knob due to the fact that it dosnt screw on.

You would probably have to have some skill with the die due to the fact when you screw on the knob, you want it to line up if there is an illustration on it