Aftermarket deck install by troy_audi0

By diyauto
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Aftermarket deck install

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Start with checking out my >How to o remove OEM radio<

Ok Big thanks to Metra they hooked it up!! got the Dash Kit 99-6515B & Harness XSVi-6515-NAV 

You need an ant. adaptor as well Metra part# 40-EU20

here we go..

kenwood KDC-X996BT plus Metra Dash Kit & Harness

All soldered up

Heat shrink

Relay for amp turn-on and "other Acc"

Almost finished with the harness

Had to cut a small section at the bottom to get the dash kit in and mounted

Sorry for the bury picture deck mounted


You can add a Steering WHEEL CONTROL INTERFACE Metra ASWC OR Pac-Audio SWI-

Now the part I do not know is how well it works.. my car does not have steering controls nor have I talked to my Tech support about them.. I will try to find out in the AM and let you guys know.

You are right about the Blue-n-Me I love the way the Kenwood works..iPod/iPhone control and blue tooth.

They have an app for Nav Speech I have not used.. I will try it..