500 Sport Spark Plug Postscript.... by RyanR

By diyauto
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500 Sport Spark Plug Postscript....

Compliments of RyanR @ fiat500owners.com


Did the 32,000 mile service on our 500 Sport on Saturday. 

Here are my spark plug findings. 

Per another post on the forum, gap is 0.040". All four plugs ordered from Mopar were pre-gapped. Made by NGK. Cheaper than any other source. To gain access, remove the cover plate and airbox/intake assembly. Underneath, loosen (yellow arrows) the 4 coil screws (10mm), and remove the two holding the harnesses down (also 10mm). Remove the PCV hose (red arrows, slips off), and you can pull the coils out without pulling the electrical connector.

Spark plugs are *deep* in the wells! Seven or eight inches I bet. Do one at a time. They take a 5/8" spark plug socket. A dab of anti-seize on the new plug's threads. Per the packaging, final tightening is a 180 degree turn on the ratchet once you thread the plug all the way to the deck by turning the extension by hand.

Old and new. Electrodes didn't look so bad.... but the discoloration on the ceramic is interesting.

Snug up the screws and replace the PCV hose and you're done! How else can you have this much fun for $16?  

I also did the air filter and motor oil. 

Hope it helps!