Fasterpatricks Custom Cobra Replica

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Fasterpatricks Custom Cobra Replica

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This is the story of my build, This starts over three years ago, I will try to get this story up to date as fast as possible;

Well, most of the stuff to get the build started is here. Now let the lunacy transpire. This frame promises not to be original style but more of a hybred of sorts. Read way to many chassis books and head still spinning for details now. 


Hey everyone,
Look what happened, while everyones out driving around I'm in the shop working. Just a few photos of what I've been up to.

Hey sever crash wont stop us, reposted pics from Saturday. Have been cutting parts Sunday and Mon. eve. Yes the framework sticks back far but it will all come out in the wash, you'll see. She's going to fuel 289 style with the tank sitting on that framework.

see we're right back where we were. Patrick

We all know that scratch building requiers dedicaton or a whole lot of money. I'm cheap so this is every bracket/tab to hold my rear suspension together. It took me a week of evenings in 90deg. heat to cut, drill, and finish the lot. But satisfaction rate is very high. Now to cut and bend the tubing and I could get it on the car this week, in the same heat.

Huge piece of the puzzle was accomplished. Five days off from work and lots of time in the shop and victory was mine. Just some minor lose ends to finish up and it should be done.
The Accomplishment

The Aftermath 

I'm not even going to clean-up tonight just shove every thing out of the way, and do that tomarrow.

Well spent a little time measuring and making adjustments to the mess. Found a few bugs, the center section was 5/32s out of center, fixed that, axles bound at full droop,needed new upper shock mounts to rectify that now they bind at full compress, not a problem once bumpstops are installed. Now the numbers, droop from ride height 4" total wheel travel till axels bind is 8 3/8" but doubt all that will be needed will make bumpstop addjustment with the body installed. No need to do that twice, will stop travel just before the wheels hit the body.
Full Droop

Full Compress(or at least to where the axels bind)

trying to stay cool: Patrick

Well, busy people have limited time. And kids don't help either, enough said. I have some stuff to show you. Take a look tell me what you think. These are pre debuging so there are some small things left to fix.

OH Yea! there is always one flaming hoop to jump through.

Now I should go, try to clean up, fix stuff, make umteen gussetts, and get ready to weld this all solid.

metal will distort when welded, really.(just kidding) Ya took care to do just that, not the first time I've stumbled down that trail. Wouldn't want to micro measure it now, heard some realy big bangs from tacks breaking loose but all looks to have came out well.

The welding took well over seven hours, welder was acting finicky, but I won. Cleanup took another four. I'm putting it all together right know.

Well, I've got it all together and she did move around a bit, but nothing that shimming at final four wheel alinement can't cure, I'm realy happy with what I've got. There is one issue to deal with but I'm not talking. 

Now to drop the body on and start headscratchin, look for a block and tranny for mockup and general stuff like that. Well I've got to get some sleep, kids start school tomarrow

Here mick, Some body on photos. Had to make struts so the suspension would be at ride height, then drape the body at the proper height.

Sorry there will never be the VROOM-VROOM photo I'll wait till there is a seat in the car for that.

Well we have power in the shop, Mod power. One lincoln mark VIII twin cam 4.6L. I have a big mess to cleanup in the shop and then I can start to mount this cool engine.

Well we have engine mounted in frame. Position looks good, thanks to some new friends on the ffr site. They got me the dimension for the mounts for the 4.6L from front axle centerline, and then I moved them 1" forward, for maybe a little more space in the footbox. The Lincoln mounts made for an easy fab, they are parallel with the frame so only had to adjust for offset on one plane.

Some things got a little tight, like the starter and the oil filter

Yes I smashed the oil filter during positioning, it will come off don't worry.

The last of the wooden supports came out of the body today. Meaning that I have finished the Major body support system of the bird cage. What fun it is to work in a fiber glass cave fitting tubing to the underside of a body that has been twisted by time and temp. But enough whining and here are some shots of the progress of the last couple of weeks. A few more tubes to fit and the door sills to do(those will be oh so fun, not) and we should be good for more parts to mount.

I said previously that I had some complaining to do so here. Went though FFR to provide my exhaust parts because of the Mod 4.6 and their development. figured that it should work with little modification (hey come on this isn't a stock build), I was ready for that. But what I got was aggravation and a whole lot of rework,and I hate rework! some parts came right away some took two phone calls and a few e-mails to even get an answer when they would ship. One side pipe was crooked, had to cut it apart and re-weld it strait, not only person thats happened to. J-pipes, well lets just say these I knew I would be modifying but not to this extent. But after two weeks and lot of work we have side pipes mounted on the car and they look as good as I could get them. There are lots of new pics in the gallery take a look.

Well, this step was refreshing. After the PITA of the exhaust we went on to mounting the fuelcell in the car. This was a piece of cake and went together without any problems. It fit right where I wanted it to go and did exactly what is supose to. Tied the upper suspention mounts together nicely. Too bad I can only carry about 12 gallons, but my clubs will still fit in the trunk (or chairs and cooler). Now we are moving on to the seats they are not going in so quietly.

Now I didn't spend big money, for seats that may need to be modified to fit, but these weren't all that bad. Now finding room in this car for them, well thats a whole other thing. after figuring what angle and how far back they needed to be we set out to fab up brackets to do so. decided not to use the adjusters they only raised the seats up higher and they felt high enough just bolted to the floor. Have come up with a solution for different heights of drivers, I'm going to make the pedals adjustable. Now that should make for some serious headscratching when the time comes.
Now second, I know that a lot of people are following this build. Well I'm not just posting this for enjoyment. I want feed back So please try to interject some of your thoughts. I have incredibly thick skin so don't be afraid. Oh and Mick sorry still no vroom-vroom shot but my spouse caught me sitting in the car, Yes she gave me a hard time.

Well let's start with a casualty report. Thurs. angle grinder died bought new cheap one (with the abuse they get from me good ones don't last much longer). Fri. belt sander blew a bearing, fixed it with parts from broken angle grinder. Sun. melted hole in air hose will fix at work.

With everything going wrong I was still able to get my removable backbone finished and in the car. 12 bolts, tight fit, told ya I could it. I don't think I need to worry about another cross member with that cage bolted to the frame. Kind of ties the rear suspension together also should cut down on twist as well.

Well I've made another installment in the saga I'm going to refer to as breaking the laws of physics, or making something larger on the inside than it is on the outside. We have steering and it works. It was a tight fit with the huge engine in the way but we got it all in there. Can any one guess what the column is out of? I'll give you ford but you have to be more specific. oh and it's been modified quite a bit. Thanks to everyone for the Intel on what everyone else is using. now I have to start thinking about pedals, Oh Boy oh boy.

Hey just a quickie bent this up for my roll bar hope you can bear it. I just never liked the double hoop look, just to busy for me. But with this one it is one piece and can be removed without taking the legs off. You will either love it or hate it, I don't care It's my car.


Well, running out of room quickly but I think this will have to do. Put the pedal assembly and foot box frames in the car, tried to make as much room as possible. This engine is so wide, my feet will be within 2"of the exhaust manifold . Now I still have to come up with a throttle pedal (cable type). Thats where all of you come in, show me your pics, need ideas to steal. Still searching for radiator and windshield. 

Well those who weren't afraid of the old sever knew that I put the throttle peadal in the car. So now I'm reposting the pics to keep the build thread up to date and complete.

Well I've been busy mocking up some new found parts in the car. The radiator and fan have been added to the done list of things to do. the rad is an Allstar Performace 16X28 ford style two row. The fan is well, we'll see if anyone can figure it out. Thanks to all who helped with my info search this step turned out be on of the larger head scratchers.

I'm just going to keep plugging away at the list. Patrick

Well I've reached a pivotal point with this project. It is time to start the process of mounting the body(or at least the mounting points to the frame). Now this is fairly new ground for me fiberglass is a medium that I have little experience with so this will be lots of fun. So soon it will be time to trim the furry of my raw body and put to sleep all the remarks that the untrimmed body received.

Now for the photo junkies out there I've taken some new shots of the chassis at its current state. things that have been crossed off the list seatbelt mounts, battery tray, and finished the firewall bracing.

Now for the first of many questions what is the best way to trim the crappy edge on my body. I'm thinking rotozip but what bit? I don't have a clue. Also what is the best way to adhere metal to fiberglass(door, hood, trunk frames) like I said now I'm a complete rookie. Patrick

Well, we've made a huge milestone in forum history, over 10,000 hits that puts this thread on the leader board. Thanks for keeping interested, now let's get that reply number up.

Here's an update, Body has lost it's fur, finally got around to trimming that sucker it don't look half bad but she's going to need lots of work. Bird cage is 99% fabricated just a few braces left. New parts on done list coolant fill bottle, rear bumper mounts, and hood hinges. Now here's the gratuitous pics that we've all come to enjoy.

Wow, nobody piped up with the teaser photo, well then here. In keeping with the overbuilt chassis concept we have door frames. They are as beefy as the rest of the chassis. 

Now we'll see if there is something to say. Patrick

Well I've had problems with my build but this was like herding cats. standard swing hinges just didn't put the lid in a good spot given the location of the roll bar. So I came up with these I spent way to much time doing this.
Now they will need some final tuning but they should give me the desired effect.

So with that said I move on to the Hood.

Well cross hood hinges and latch off the list. This wasn't as difficult as the trunk as I found some usable (with modifications of course) hinges at the junkyard. and a tailgate latch from a wagon. I am still proud to say that I have not needed to use a GM piece in my build. Just need to make a Popper system to allow me to grab the hood to open it, after hitting the latch release.

Now I have three things left to do and the mock up will be complete, E-brake handle, brake and clutch reservoirs, and windshield. Patrick

Well I've got three pictures here can you guess what it signifies? 

Now, I've officially ran out of major components to mount to the chassis. and will have to break this mock-up down and completely finish weld it and then make all the body mods, mounts, and fiberglass pieces fit. I will post up some pics of the chassis naked before break down. Patrick

Hey I promised pics with out the body before I broke it all down to finish welding the chassis together so here ya go.

How's that for almost two years of planing and work? Now I'm going to leave it like this for awhile till I have the guys over for coffee and dough nuts then I'm taking it apart.

OK, just for the record, yes I have a knack for doing everything the hard way. This avoidance of the infamous prop-rod was the cake taker. I spent the better part of two weeks and many failed attempts at using anything but a prop-rod to hold up the trunk lid. Few even were worthy of calling a trunk-a-pult. So when gazing upon these pics understand that this was not easy or fun (most of the time).

OH Ya I'm still waiting for the club to get together before I take her apart.

Now while waiting for the club to come and share the glory of finishing the chassis mock-up, I've completed some other optional components. We now have sway bars front and rear. Both are highly modified stock units, the hard part was finding room to squeeze them in.

Now I know I've said this before. Please respond to these posts I could easily just keep all this to myself, but I enjoy the opinions of others and sharing info so all you lurkers out there speak up

Well I've broken her down to the bare frame. There is nothing bolted to her at this point and will comence finish welding shortly. But I figured you guys might like to see what it looks like with nothing on it.

just thought I would share this photo with everyone to prove that I do work on my car. The fact that it's just a cool pic helps too.

Still plugging away on the welding about half done ran out of gas for welder. Time to pick up and rest

This is the only time I ever want to see this chassis in this position. Just a quick update welding is about 99% finished and I'm cleaning up the welds with a little grinding and wire wheel action.

Well after just a short life I lost another angle grinder. I beat this one down cleaning up the welds and removing surface rust on the chassis and other pieces(smoke, sparks, and fire it was way cool). Boy I'm glad they're cheap, now don't start telling me about cheap tools my first one was a quality brand It lasted about three projects I beat these tools like "redheaded step children" I don't expect them to last.

Here is some more pics of the project the metal is now somewhat shinny. Boy you really get a good picture of the scope of this build;

Now I have to get busy with the fiberglass part of this so, should I start a new thread or keep using this one I know it is getting very long?

I have begun the glass part of the build. Yuck, what a mess, I don't know what is worse the smell or the itching. But progress has been made we now have extra glass in the door jams and lowered rocker panels.

Thats all for now.

Well thank all of you for your input. Here is what I came up with. I have eight points that will be glassed into the body for hidden mounts,plus the three points around the door sill (anti intrusion pins through the body) and the bumper mounts. 

Now I can mix up some goo and fix the pads to the body and continue with the panel construction portion of this build

Most of you,(Okay some of you) know that I'm building my cobra the hard way, from scratch. Well here are some pics of the rear wheel well panels I've been working on. Working with glass is not fun, but forming sheet metal into these shapes would require way to much work.

Well I managed to get a couple more panels finished for the rear of my scratch build, and it's starting to look like something. Now I think I'm getting the hang of this stuff and just to show how and what you have to do sometime.
The mold

The business side is covered with the wounder material ductape.
The layup

Now prying this off the mold was a PITA but it's a weird shape.
Trimmed and refit

It fit back easier after trimming
With friends

Now it looks like progress. I think I will work on the trunk next, until later see ya.

Hey, check out my new duct tape trunk!

Naw, It's just the next mold for my glass Odyssey.

Now with a little luck I'll has pieces by Sun. eve;

Largest layup to date, today I successfully laid up the trunk for my car and now the shop has to vacated for a while to vent fumes. About 1.5gal of resin and a s*#t-load of mat later this is what I have.

Hey, everything worked well and I now have a trunk. pieces all trimmed and refit. now I knew I would have to cut it in half to get it to work but I will fasten them together during final assembly.

Now to move forward. rear cockpit wall, tunnel, and custom dash are left.

Lurkers, I know this thread gets lots of traffic, so speak up good or bad I would love to have your opinions. Plus I don't get out to much so this is as close to contact as I get sometimes.

Well one more panel done. Rear cockpit firewall,

Now I have some artistic carving to do, the tunnel and dash are next this is where things are going to slow down a bit.

Hey guys,

I've been busy lately trying out some new things. just a peek at what will be the dash / tunnel cover for the scratch build. now I could never have a stock dash in this car. So as per usual I'm going overboard with a one piece unit that will house all the gauges, switches and whatnot. It is still in it's crude form(lots of sanding required), then I can pull a mold of it to make the final part. I'm still on the fence if I should cover it or paint it to match the car. 

After a bunch of sanding I am close to final on the dash plug some small holes to fill and edges to finish and I should be able to paint and start waxing the f___ out of it. I just hope that the body isn't this hard to work on.

The rings are for the gauge placement, shifter location, and sanding guides the incomplete ring is where the column goes.

Alright I'm only typing this reply once and posting it around, so here's the answers.

Never even thought about the womanly shape, weird. Yes the large gauges are angled slightly toward the driver. Not really a big fan of the carbon fiber look, would love to stretch some fine leather over it. but will probably just cover with something to coordinate with the seats when the are redone. The mold will be three pieces and will have to be done in the car. The plug is built up on the chassis so it will be destroyed after I have molded one from the molds( when I have made the final piece I would like to see if it would fit other cobras as well).

Here's a pic with the fake gauges and seats in the car there is not a lot of space for access so the seats will pop out and the whole piece will lift out and unplug for maintenance. 

Well, I don't know if it will be worth the effort I put in to it, but I have finally finished that crazy dash of mine. lets see eight weeks, 2 gal. of bondo, six cans of foam, countless hours of sanding, about 1.5 gal of resin, Oh and let's not forget two surgeries and a short hospital stay. but it is done for now, and it fits. Laid up two layers of glass over the plug and pulled it off and the laid three layers from the underside then trimmed.

Well, off to work on something else. Hey any Ideas on what to use to bond the hood, trunk, and doors to the metal frames. I'm thinking that goo they use to bond car panels together what is it called.

Hey just for a laugh I was messing around with an Item that followed me home from the latest "5-S" event at work. I was thinking of polishing it and and useing it as a pistol grip shift lever

It has room for four buttons, I figure one for the dimmer switch, two for spray (arm and blast), but what about the fourth?

After spending all that time making panels for my car I didn't want to simply rivet them to the tubing. Not my style plus I didn't want all those holes in my chassis. So I spent an immense am out of time making little 1"x1" tabs with threaded holes to fix the panels to with screws. I haven't put the panels back on yet, but the tabs were tacked in place screwed to the panels so they do still fit,

there are over fifty of them welded to the back half of the chassis. I can't wait to do the rest of the chassis at least that will all be metal.

Have been in a slump lately and could use some encouragement that everything will workout just fine. Put the body back on the frame and wouldn't you know the door frames wouldn't fit. So after cutting out the door jams that I had done last fall I made molds in the car and glassed up some new ones.

Then back to the doors now with new jams the door frames had to be adjusted to fit again (just modified the pin catches for more clearance). Finally after getting the door frames to work smoothly again, I could make some tabs for glassing the door skins to. Now to get up the nerve to start fixing the skins to the frames.

Man this is taking way longer than I thought;

Well it's been almost a month between posts without a whole lot of progress.
My guy at the auto body supply store recommended a urethane window adhesive. Said something about flexibility for differences in expansion rates.

Now as far as what to glue into place is what has been taking the most time, after one failed attempt I had to go with plan B. Don't ask for train wreck pics they do not exist, but I will not work with foam ever again.

I did manage to get the inner door panels made and the glue is setting as I type.


So tomorrow I hope to glass the seams and put these doors to bed. The skins were glued and glassed to the frames, I also coated the frames with POR15 because I will never get a chance to do anything to it again.

Give me a couple of days and I may get these done and refitted to the car and I will update you then.

Da-am was that fun NOT, but hey they are done! Now I can't tell you how much filler and sanding these will take to finish but I have a base.

So here is the pics of the doors in full rough. 

Now it's up to all of you lurkers to post up a comment;

Well I've done it I have finished the major fiberglass fabrication of my build, panels done, dash done, doors done, hood and trunk done!

I have quite the inventory of items created with fiberglass for someone who had little expeirance with this stuff I think I did pretty good.

The body is tucked away back on the ceiling, I hope not to see it down till bodywork part of this project. I have a couple of loose ends to clean up on the chassis and it's off to powdercoat then I may get to start putting this thing together for real.

Well what I thought was going to be easy wasn't. Had to move the shifter forward about 5 inches, no problem just make a Z-bend shifter, YUK that sucked the movement was all wrong, how does someone ever get used to that. I couldn't so I did what I always do Go overboard and build some over engineered contraption to do the same job. With a bunch of junkyard parts and a fair amount of time I came up with this. 

Pictures submitted for approval, some days I think I should be committed;

It's finally back from powder coat, the guy's at Extreme Powdercoating( came through, other than being delayed by a very large job. Greg and Todd were very helpful and truly interested in doing a great job. Now here are the pics.

Well I guess I will have to start putting this thing together. Starting with aluminum for the floors and firewall, I'm thinking .050 should be thick enough for the job.

Hey just a quick update, I have started making aluminum panels for the car. Went out and got some .063 6061 sheet and went at it. Have made small steps so far. Here are my foot wells they were a lot more work than you would think.

that's it for now,
P.S. where did all my friends go?

Hey, I have created a couple more pieces of aluminum this week. We now have floors. How do the look to you? I feel everybody has deserted me. There is hardly any traffic on the forum, so reply if you can. (that means all you lurkers out there)

I'll keep working on it but I like the feedback.

Well, it's been two weeks so I figure I better post some thing, to stave off loss of interest. I finally finished the backbone sheet metal. That has to have been the worst thing I have ever had to cover in my life. So sorry if this does not hold up to all of your high standards of my work. I plan to cover all the aluminum with either textured coating on both sides or paint / textured where you will see the aluminum. To me it looks like it was beaten into submission.

I would personally like to thank everyone who replies to this thread you really do keep me going, because this isn't as easy for me as you all think.

There now you all have the whole story, start date 11/04/05 the last post was made one week ago.

I moved the story over here because the original forum has been losing interest in my project and I need some new blood and opinions injected to help fuel my work. This is nowhere near an easy project and many times felt like passing it on. But kind remarks and support from others have kept me going to the finish. I'm nowhere near done and have a lot of work ahead of me, so come along and speak up and I will continue to update this thread until I'm done.
Oh, I do have a roll bender I built it my self.

No money for aluminum body how about lexan.


Well I've gotten a few of the panels for the firewall pounded out (literally) so here are the obligatory pictures. I have all the pieces cut out for the rest but I'm fitting them up and trimming to fit as I go. When I get them all fitted I will go back and do the final trimming and cleanup. Then I will coat them with some sort of textured coating and get them riveted in place.

Oh, by the way here is proof that I must hate myself, the top of the foot box is made from one piece of metal Aluminum origami.


Well I've made it to the end of the aluminum pieces for a while. this is what you haven't already seen in previous posts. this concludes the foot boxes and firewall parts. now I have to trim and clean them all up before coating them with a bed liner type substance.

Now I'm going to clean this mess up. there is an amazing amount of drill, saw, and file shavings everywhere.

Hey, got the shop picked up a bit so I took this pic. This is all the pieces to the puzzel minus the floor, which I will take out of the car after I get the tunnel aluminum cleaned up.


The frame is modeled after an original shelby 427 with main rails at 20" on center. Now with the tremec 3650 the bell housing is not removable thus it will not fit between the frame rails the only way to remove the trany with out taking the engine out with it is to come out thru the cockpit thus the whole center section of the car will have ease of removal built in. Thank god for electric gauges.


Hey, I coated the aluminum for the car this weekend. What a messy operation. I used a water based truck bed liner, It seems to have worked quite well, we'll see how it holds up. It dried hard not rubbery like some of the others I've used before.

I've a huge mess to clean up so, gotta go.

Well picked up after the coating thing. I couldn't wait to get started riveting the panels in place just thought I would share this with you because these are the first permanent things I have assembled to the car.

I will post more pics when they're all on.


Hey, I have applied all the aluminum work for the chassis and my hands and forearms are numb. but here take a look at what I have now. I put every one of those rivets in by hand.


Now when the RTV hardens I will clean up the oozing goo. I hate to tell you all, I don't think the tunnel is going to come out quietly. This ought to be interesting, Later.


Well, life is dealing me the same cards as always fair to crappy, we all know how much fun the center section was to deal with well I put that all behind me went to put it in the car and bam the damn thing hit the frame seems that interchangeable parts don't always interchange. that meant I had to surgically alter the frame after powder coat yuck! Well a day and more cutting grinding and welding later finally can say she's almost a roller.

Now I suppose I should go around and tighten all the bolts but I'll wait till I can get someone over here to hold the other end of the tape measure so I can square her up.


Hey guys,
I have gotten a few more things done, and continue to move closer to wheels on. Steering is back on and all hooked up. Also I have plumbed all the brakes. Still haven't tightened all the bolts yet, I will have to soon, but I will have to find time in large enough blocks to do all the squaring. But now to get to why you all tune in here. PICTURES



I have to admit this has been a difficult ride but some of you think I'm doing a moonshot project. Wow, it's a good thing I feed on you comments and they empower me to keep going. Keep it up we are soon to enter the real hard part of this build.


Wow, It's been a while since I posted any updates, well here's what I've been up to. I now have the basic fuel system plumbed from the tank to the firewall, the rest will have to be done after I get the engine in the car. Now as per usual nothing about this was quick or easy. Just thinking about how I was going to do this was a headache, but with the help of lots of forum members and a good bit of money and some additional cussing and swearing I was able to get some things done.

Pump mount, inlet filter, and pump this was a head scratcher the big problem was space and the ability to plumb lines.

Outlet filter, now this required some crazy plumbing yes it looks close to the axle, but I've had some smart people check it out a they said it looks great.

Feed and return lines, this was relatively easy I say that with a smirk.

I had to add two new fittings to the fuel tank. Welding to my tank made me so nervous, just didn't want to burn a hole in it.

And finally the engine compartment complete with regulator.

Now with any luck I can get some brake cables and get the Parking brake working. and get wheels on this beast.

P.S. The major delay for the progress was the fact that I hosted the local gear head group for coffee and conversation last Sat., had a huge turnout. I spent three weeks cleaning the shop to get ready.


Hey, tiny update wrapped my head around the parking brake. Wow the five pound bag is getting real full, I think it's going to burst soon. No room and calipers where the cable housing moves to actuate the brake led to some good old head scratching.

Problem solved


I won't bore you with pics of the calipers those everyone has seen at some time. I made my own cables (I work for a truck equipment supplier so I had access to the parts and tooling) but still had to machine custom ends to get them to work.


Well, It's time for another installment from "I really don't have a life". I wanted to run the battery cable along the frame before I took the car off the jack stands, Yaaaa-Riiiiight (think Office Space). Turns out I would have to install some of the fiberglass panels I made two winters ago before I could do the job properly. So I had to refit, clean up, and coat them with bedliner before putting them in, but hey it's done now. Have the main battery cable and the ground run. Time for the pics....
Refit the trunk parts (done). 

Should I go with or with out the battery box?

I have the fuel tank out for a better view

battery cut off switch

Rear panel with access cutout not mounted yet

And finally out to the starter

Now once again it's time to start begging for feedback so I may receive the energy to keep going, so lurkers speak up, old friends keep it up.


Hey, I think I have the under car stuff run, now I can get this thing on the ground. Ye-Ha so I put her shoes on and set her on the ground. How does she look? I think with the engine in and body on it should sit down a little more. Don't fret about the roll bar height it is just sitting on the mounts not in them.


Time to go I have to put her back in the dollies


Well I've been up to my ears in engine related crap for a while. We will leave it at my so called good to go salvage motor was junk, but I managed for find a rebuilt long block for what the machining alone would have been. Most of my time has been spent cleaning up and scrounging parts for the new long block.

Now here's where it gets funky, you may or may not know that these DOHC engines are prone to cooking the last two cylinders on the drivers side. well some manufacturers sell kits that will help with that problem. Because my car has no heater option, none of these kits work for me, so guess what I did?
Duh! I made my own , I'm really lucky that I have access to tooling to do SAE porting. Now how do you think it will work, I should be able to secure the hoses with the top transmission bolts. 

Please note that these are pics of the parts mocked up.


That has got to be the best post come back I've ever seen.

Well, got my shinney bits back from the ceramic coater this week so I set out on getting this project a little further. Finished up some small details then set out to get this engine in the car. Guess what it sill fits (barely). The transmission is in as well, still need to make a mount for the hoses and clutch slave along with alternator and starter, but it was an eventful weekend. Here's the pics.



Did some plumbing work have some small things to show.
Or Just how much S#*T can you fit in a three pound bag. 

finished the fuel system

Plumbed in the brake and clutch reservoirs
This is where the three pound bag really starts to stretch there is just not a lot of room left here, took a bit of creative thinking to get around this one.


With a tubing bender, actually two of them one is a Midamerican racing ez-bend 90, the other is a roll bender that I fabbed up with left overs from a old pipe bending rig.

Hope that helps.
P.S. I can't find any one to make me a body out of clear lexan


Okay, busy weekend but still got more work done on the car.

How not to install a clutch slave, I never fabricated this during mock up, bad idea and I payed for it big time. No fun laying under the car making measurements for parts and drilling holes with no extra space.

Also installed the GO pedal and cable nice to see everything still fit the way it did before. 

Mounted the starter and hooked up the power cable.

Last but not least Put the expansion tank and radiator / fan assembly in the car.

Now to get around to plumbing the coolant system and bleeding the hydraulics. We're getting closer.


Now It would go with out saying that one of the more difficult systems to get working in one of these cars is the cooling system, now toss in the nightmare of the ford DOHC and you have created a monster. I hope this works, I picked up a few of those corrugated stainless hose things, they were on super mega sale. There was just no way to find all the hoses to fit this nightmare so I used them to build what I hope will work. I took it upon myself to toss the covers and cheesy hose clamps aside and bought some good ones from work. Please let me know what you think of this tubing job do you think it will work.



Lurkers; man up and post something


While I'm waiting for parts to show for the remote oil filter I've been tying up some small items. I made the adapters for the crank case filter breather .

While the lathe was a mess I went ahead and made the hanger for the diff vent filter breather. Now I hope I don't catch a bunch of crap for moving it to the wheel well. 

Well I suppose I'll have to spend some more money to get more things to work on.


Not much to do while I wait for some parts to show. Did manage to get plugs, wires, and the coils squared away. Now I've always hated the way ford stuck the coils out in front of the engine and the ran all those wires around and over the alt. leaving a huge mess. I was just going to mount them over the alt., but that didn't clear the hood so I had to move them back a ways. I think it looks okay. I left enough room to get the intake plumbed out towards the passenger side. 

Found the belt I needed for the timing cover setup I went with, no PS. no AC., no extra pulleys. 

Spent some quality time at the junkyard selecting parts to aid in the removable seats that I wish to have, need to have if I need to get at the trans in this car. The drive shaft will be here tomorrow and I will start to fill stuff with fluids. Every day we get a little closer.


Hey long time no post,
Well the parts for my remote filter finally showed up ( I think they had to mine the aluminum). Nice parts, went with some new stuff from Derale they're cast but beefy with SAE oring ports. Lines I made those up at work, I work for a national hydraulics manufacturer / distributor so I get a good discount but I have to do the work. 

Now I did get to go on vacation but you will read about that( this story is so me) in another post. Till I post again,


Well It's been a good long while since an up date has been posted so here we go. Chassis wiring has made much progress, the harness has been made and is ready to be put back into the car for good. While making this I had to remove and replace this many many times. If anyone tells you that wiring their car is easy just laugh at them. Yes it is not difficult but I does take time and patience. now I have about three weeks of evenings and weekends here, and it took all of that to sort out the harnesses from two separate vehicles. The engine and under the hood harness is from a 93 Mark VIII (same as the engine donor) the dash bits are from a 91 F-150 (same source as the steering column). I had diagrams for both that helped a ton, now all of the harnesses had been taken down to bare components and then reconfigured to suit what was needed. Needless to say there was plenty of soldering and shrink tube to go around, but nothing anyone with the patience of a saint couldn't do. Now I still have to wire up the dash and get a few little odds and ends taken care of but I'll just keep plugging along;

Until Later,

Hey Guys',
Sorry I haven't been keeping everyone up to date on the build. We have the harness all back in the car and have the dash back out of storage and have been getting it ready to make the harness for it. But I'm still on the fence on how I'm going to finish the piece. What would you do, cover it with leather or finish it and paint it to match the car, sorry no carbon fiber way to tacky for my taste.

And does this layout order for the gauges look okay. This is where they will be but which goes where is still up in the air, opinions.


Well I have the dash side of the electrical done, so I could mount it in the car and work out the rest of the stuff needed to get the car running. While the Dash is not finished the harness should work fine. It will be removed to put on the finishing touches and covering during the body work stage of the build.

One more thing to check off on my way toward first start.

Here she is as of today. I haven't been taking full on photos to show where I'm at, so today I took a few to show Where the cars progress stands. So I hope you all enjoy the Pics.

Enough for now,


Hey finished up some more pieces of the car and now have to concentrate on making it run. Made up my own cold air intake. Why might you ask why nobody wants to use the early Mark VIII for their car it has every thing to do with the intake and where the throttle body is and the fact that nobody makes a cold air kit for it, so once again I find myself making my own parts. Now please do not make fun of my aluminum welding I do not have a lot of practice with it, but I'm getting better, and nothing here is structural so there. Here is the pics.


Now I learned something that it was cheaper to buy two kits off ebay and cut them up than to buy all the bends elsewhere, so get two with lots of bends w/tube and can fit up to your MAF.


One custom air kit installed, and wow it fit great. It better I had to build it on the car. Now I think I will clean it up and give it a brushed finish after I get the rest of the car done in case I have to modify it when the body goes on.

That's it for now I think I'll get her ready to start.


Well guess what happened today!


4 years and 11 days since the body shell for my scratch built cobra was dropped off at my house this finally happened, now it was not without issues, coolant and oil leaks to deal with but hey it runs.


Well guys' I did it fixed the oil leak, routed the coolant overflow differently and changed out the clutch master/slave. Ran the car to temp and the t-stat opened, but I forgot to close the overflow drain so we spilled more coolant on the floor. I found some more wire issues. But I stillTOOK IT FOR A SPIN :mf_w00t1::thumbup1:  

Now for the bad news fan relay power supply needs to be rerouted and my speedo is not working, it has good power. I think the signal is messed up, the sender is from the 03 t-3650 will that work with the autometer speedo or do I need the adapter.
P.S. Thanks to Jerry for coming down in his car and keeping me sane while I did this.


Here is a little in car footage, just thought it would be cool.


Well let's see, way to cold thank god for the heated shop. I've started back to work getting her ready for paint. The car is back on the chassis dolly, body is off the ceiling, and I have roughed in the fender wells on the front end of the car. These are times that I really do envy you guys that get to work with a kit. Having some of this metal work laid out for you must make this a little easier than trying to figure out, just how am I going to get this covered and how can I bend it this way. But I can get this stuff cleaned up and coated with the same stuff that the rest of the sheet metal is covered with. 

Need to source the bulb-seal that I will need to go between the metal, frame, and body. With some luck I should be able to get the rest of the holes laid out that I need to cut into the body and start prepping it for undercoating. I can not believe how different this body is left to right. It's like they molded off of two different cars, guess that is what is meant by character.


Okay guys, here it goes I have the rest of the missing sheet metal formed and coated. Now I cutout some of the holes in the body and found that it had been made very thin I believe this was because of all the extra glass work that would have needed to be done to bond the tub interior that the body kit came with. So I went back to the glass and resin store and picked up another 5gal and mat. So when the temps get back up so I can work with the shop open, I will make the body a bit thicker. For now I will continue to take care of small stuff. This unfortunate setback will delay the paint work which I was hoping to have done late spring.

More bad I came down with Shingles (Chicken Pox Revenge) three weeks ago, I would not wish this on anyone ( Okay maybe one or two people), so working out in the shop has been hit and miss.

I have made some small steps in the right direction. I have made myself a set of louvers for my car, before you all get testy about how they look they will be painted body color like "The Real Ones" 

So everyone I'm not dead and I'm still plugging away until later,


Sorry guys' I haven't kept up with everyone with my project but we have turned another page in this never ending quest. Okay I went to make the cut outs in the body and discovered two things.
A. This body was made thin where all of the tub parts (floor foot-wells and firewall) were to be glassed into the body.
B. The shape of the front wheel opening left me very limited space to put the aluminum panels protecting the exhaust and stuff from the onslaught of debris.
This led to two things,
1. I had to add glass to the body about ten yards of mat and 2.5 gals. of resin.
2. My louver openings when laid out on the car bisected the splash panel Ouch!, good thing I didn't just go a head and cut them I had to move them back a good 3" from stock to fit up right behind the panels. Yes they don't look right "tough" I would rather that than sacrifice expensive stuff to the road demons. I have gotten the trunk and hood fitted about the best I can this body is crap.Yes it's my own damn fault. I Have a HOT stock tip "body filler", it looks like I will be able to pull off that bank job as I will soon be sanding my fingerprints clean off. 



Now I promise that I will try to keep regular with my updates, as long as I can get some support and encouragement.


I think that light is an on coming train

Okay, Now everyone knows that I try real hard to not take this car building thing to serious but now I have too. I really do hate doing body work, but there was no way I was going to make somebody else try to fix my P.O.S. body. So I have been at it for two weeks and I have barely made a dent ( body work humor) in the back third of the car. This has got to be the biggest challenge in "Bondo Sculpture" I have ever attempted. This is a long way from fixing all my friends mid seventies blazers and pickups. You can tell by the way it looks just how far off this glass fits together thank god for reinforced putty. And it doesn't help that when he made the shell he only colored the first coat of gel-coat so it looks like I'm sanding right through the friggin thing. Enough griping, here are the pics.



Now I'm going to get out of the dust


Well the smear, sand repeat portion of the build continues. Now it may look like I'm recreating this body in bondo ( come to think of it I may), but this is what it is taking to get this thing close to normal. learning a lot of things about the shape of this car. It appears that they must have had the idea when they pounded out the originals, that we can't make any piece strait or we will never reproduce it. This car curves in every direction and is never flat for more than 2 feet. What ever you do do not take a three foot strait edge to any surface you will find that will curve away before that. I never realized that the widest part of the body (not counting fenders and wheel flares) is the lead edge of the doors and it gets narrower as you go back to the fenders, that had me going for a while. here are some pics of the mess I'm in.



Well, we are getting closer. I have smeared and sanded my life away, but I think I have the out side of the car as good as you can get it. At least that's what the guy who is helping me through the paint, not necessarily working but huge on the moral support(I'm my own worst critic) said. I guess I have to crack it all open and finish the insides of all the parts and spray the surfacer and then start blocking it down for paint. Okay I've done all the searching and I still confused about SlickSand or FeatherFill which one should I use, and do I need to Seal/Prime before paint. Also will a cheapo siphon gun work for it. I have one that I use to spray weird stuff with, I will need good gun to shoot paint, I never borrow tools like that, if I could "F" it up I'll buy my own, affordable recommendations please. Here are the pics.


Keep on sanding


Hey, Just a quick update. Now that the outside of the cheapo body is where I feel happy I progressed to the jams. Now I had done a lot of modifying of the body around the doors early on in the build and knew they would need work when this time came but, wow spend two weeks sanding small channels with paper wrapped around a chunk of paint stick. I'll just keep chipping away at this I may be ready to shoot surfacer in a couple a more weeks, still have the insides of the doors, trunk, and the hood including scoop to deal with.

Until Later


Well, got a little more accomplished this weekend finished up the inside of the trunk, there has to be an end to this some time. Now you guys may never have to do this much work to get your cars to look good but mine is taking all of this just to look okay. Not looking for sympathy just reminding you of what you could be looking at.


Now I have moved on to the inside of the doors.


Well here is my latest installment of sanding for the insane. The Doors are done well sort of I still need to fit them back on the car and clean up the gaps. but I decided to give everyone a history lesson of how these doors came to be.

And now to what they have become....

Now that has been said, How come I have no friends? nobody wants to come over and play "let's sand body filler" I think it's fun don't you? (somebody needs to lock me up soon)

Here are a few more of the done door pics enjoy.

There you go, Now to deal with that hood. I have the scoop and inside to clean up just like the trunk but on a larger scale. Oh by the way I just picked up my 6th can of filler. I'm just glad I'm not using the spendy stuff I would be broke.


I'm going to leave it because the fix just ain't worth it. Now like I've said before the molds that my car came from were questionable to say the least. The guy who made them was not thinking about making nice cars with them. So I start to make the scoop nicey-nice, and BAM check this out not only did he not take the rivets out of the hood-scoop for the mold but it wasn't even put on right to start with. I made it look the best it could, and said %$#@-it. Does this make me a bad builder, if anyone notices I'll call it a character flaw.


Da hood is done,
I guess it is time to start looking for some Featherfill, get the shop cleaned up, upgrade the air compressor (something I need to do anyway, about two years ago anyway), start working on my booth set up(over the top as always), and start thinking about paint. Now I have to admit that I will be doing a classic white with a midnight blue stripe paint. That is only because the accountant would not let me do the BRG with white stripe, hey she hasn't said no to anything else so I can't complain. Looking for a paint consultant, I have lots more questions about how to go about doing this (Yes there are things that I have trouble just jumping in and doing myself). Enough rambling here is the pics,
Before (two years ago Wholy Cow)

Now (finally)

Now, before I start cleaning up the shop for spraying I thought I would knock something else off the messy job list, can you guess what I needed to do some major rework on(hint when I made this it put me in the hospital)


Well hey it couldn't get me twice and now it won't be able to. The last of the messy mess has been completed, just regular mess left. The dash when I first made it A. put me in the hospital and B.after I got all the gauges in it, well didn't perform as expected. So while I was still in major mess mode, I took the time to do a little reconstruction of the part, cutting, grinding, glassing, more grinding, and finally a lot of filler work. But Hey no return trip to the surgeon and I think it will allow me to actually see the gauges. Enough already here are the pics,

Now I have to think about how I will finish the piece????
Time to clean: This place is covered in nasty dust.


Well guy's it's back to one color but it is only due to the polyester surfacer that I sprayed this weekend. Okay, I now that we all have to do this and it has been done every which way, but man that stuff is not paint, I get it. I think the best way to spray that stuff would be a latex paint sprayer preferably a disposable one. Kind of reminded me of spraying ceiling texture dropped about 1.75 gallons over the car and all the parts, gave it a good three heavy coats. How is everyone blocking are you using a guide coat or just blocking till it's is smooth. I still plan to seal with a epoxy primer what grit would it be necessary to go to for this. 

Oh, and wow does this stuff make all the pin holes appear I think I will go around every thing with the glaze and fill as many as I can before I start sanding, any one want to help?


Well, we crossed another line in the quest to get this car painted, sprayed a bunch of epoxy primer on the car this weekend. Let's just say I'm not the best at this, but either I just can't get this paint thing down, or the stuff I'm spraying just does not lay down well, ever. But at least now I can sand this layer smooth and think about putting down some base coat, stripes, and clear. the booth will stay up till the end now, but the main door has been opened up for use as a garage while I sand.  
Here are the pics.

Booth is cool but has it's bugs,
The tinker toy construction has it's limits, but when I'm done with it will break down and store it the attic minus the plastic(trash).


Well I've gone and done it now, I actually sprayed paint on the scratch build, not all but some. I went at it today and have the doors and undersides of the hood and trunk lid based and clear. if the rest of the car looks like the doors, I will run it as is until next spring and then worry about the cut and buff. 

I will dive back in tomorrow am and get the rest of the base and stripes laid down, and shoot clear sat AM. with any luck the booth will come apart by Sunday morning and the rest of the weekend will be a steady beer IV.


Professionals may want to look away. This is nowhere near show caliber paint the base coat went well no big problems. 4 hours to mask the stripes, then things slowly deteriorated. My car had became a magnet for every thing that could find its way to it. Clear well that is tough thing to get right, but for the first car that I have painted since High School it could have been worse. I have climbed the four levels of Hell, 1 Body Filler, 2 Poly Surfacer, 3 Primer, and the 4th Paint and Clear. Now I have the the bonus level Cut and Buff. I really had trouble getting the clear to flow consistently on the larger areas so a cut and buff is in order I will hang the parts on the car and just worry about the parts that show. I think the stripe is a little dark maybe a bit more midnight than blue, but it pops a little more in the sun. 



Now to find someone with the stuff to do the cut and buff and the time to help me not screw it up.


Well, thanks to my never die attitude. I dove in head first to get the cut and buff done quickly. Started Fri. noon with the sanding two steps 1200 / 2000 finished it up Sun. with Menzerna Power Gloss on the wool pad and the finishing pad no need for the middle pad or different compound it works like those single compound systems. huge difference on the car. 

Guess I'll have to start putting this thing together now.


Hey guy's, I've been a little busy getting the car together. but I stopped to let you all check out how it is coming along. I have trouble not smiling when I come out to the shop now " Hey there is a cobra in here". But I figure I have about ten days till I will be able to go and talk to the guys' at the DMV, that ought to be a interesting conversation. I have some insurance questions for everyone, but I will get to them later. for now just check out the pics.

That's all for now time to clean up and tuck it away for the night.


Well, everyone I have been busy and losing lots of sleep in my quest to have the Scratch Build on the road this fall as to finally get to enjoy all my hard labor. So today I realized the big finish climbed in turned the key and backed my baby out of the garage. It was a great feeling even if it never left the driveway ( I needed photos for the DMV / insurance) the first time the car has seen the light of day. The quest begins to get plates and insurance so I can put some shake down miles on the car before the snow flies. interior is not complete and will spend the winter getting to the carpet and stuff, the dash is rattle caned for now. Every custom interior guy I showed it to(3 total) didn't want to touch it (I got the hint) so if I want it covered I will have to do it myself.
Things I still need to do.
1. Scale the car to set up the suspension and lower the car to a good ride height.(this will involve new springs and probably at least one pair of new shocks)
2. Finish interior, sound mat, carpet, door panels, and find a way to cover the dash (I'm thinking about vacuum bag and really good glue)
3. Alignment, this will be sooner than later a good string job for the next couple of weeks and a really good job after suspension is worked out.




Well, "We have lift off" the earth came to a screeching halt this afternoon as we left the third titling office in the communist state of Minnesota. As I said the first two offices we walked into were so unhelpful with titling the scratch build that we literally walked out the door with the genuine WTF look on our faces. Finally we called down to the out of the metro office that others have said do the best to help us out and what do you know 20 minutes later and a few dollars (quite a few )poorer we had temp plates good for one year and the titling nightmare has begun. Time to put a couple of shake down miles on the car before the snow flies.

Now this thing is not running very well guess I need to learn ford EFI tuning quick


Okay I'll try to explain the procedure as simply as possible. this is a custom built car there is no VIN # for the state to use for identification.

Step 1. Apply for title. Two forms application for title, affidavit of reconstruction. This is to get the ball rolling give them your receipts all id numbers from all major components and pictures from all four sides. Pay the tax on fair market value of your vehicle (charged tax on your own labor). At this point the are supposed to give you temp plates so that you can use your vehicle to get it back and forth for inspections. Three of the offices I visited would not issue plates to me at this point, turned and walked away try another.

Step 2. After EIGHT WEEKS you get the paperwork back (No title yet)you are required to have your vehicle inspected this is to make sure the parts you put on the affidavit are the parts in your car and not stolen. Make appointment for inspection average wait FOUR-SIX WEEKS at inspection they stamp your paperwork and send you back to the dmv, to apply for a VIN tag.

Step 3. FOUR-SIX WEEK wait VIN tag shows up make another appointment with the inspector and wait again. Go to inspection office inspector will look over your paperwork again and the stick the VIN tag to your car with (GET THIS) double stick tape, and yes they have to be the ones who place the tag to your car. Oh yea still no title yet, inspector stamps your paperwork again and sends you back to the DMV.

Step 4. back to the DMV to finally file the final paperwork to get your title, wait SIX-EIGHT weeks for title to show up. hopefully your temp plates have not expired. You have just made the journey of a life time. Still want to build a car from scratch.

Yea, spend five years building a car, spend countless hours making sure everything is the way you want it. Only to have it kick you butt for weeks trying to getting it to run right. I'm really starting to rethink my choice of computer management. The piggyback tuner is not playing well with the ECU from the Mark VIII. While I have the car running rather well, it doesn't stay that way it keeps losing the tune, and I have stop and reload the tune. It is truly getting old. I still have put 100 miles on the car and not having driven one before I only got my first ride in one just before my car was drivable, wow this thing is fun.

Now for the issues:

No mechanical issues other than the one brake hang early on. This thing seams to hold together well  

alignment- I really could use a good one would like to find someone willing to come down and help me out on this one (have to do this race car style all hiem-joint pickup points)

Ride height- This one I'm still not sure of. I set the body up higher than the plans I had placed the body. So I think the car can be lowered but the tires will not tuck into the wells like others. but it still needs to be lower need new oil pan first along with some shorter shocks.

Fuel pump, Holy crap! Now I heard that external in-line pumps made noise but wow it is way loud like neighbors hear it over the exhaust. This will get special attention over the winter I will isolate it from anything it is connected to with flexible mounts and hoses.

Steering- This car handles like a dump truck, power steering is in it's future if the alignment doesn't help, and with no room for a pump we'll be looking at electric option.

Interior- This will be on the list of things to finish before the snow melts sound deadener and carpet along with door panels and dash. also I will be plugging up the holes from the engine compartment the added heat has been nice this fall but would make for an uncomfortable summer.  

Titling journey has begun and I have received the notice of inspection needed, three weeks earlier than they said it would take, go figure roasters and snow don't mix. They will wait till spring for inspection like I told them when I applied. My plates are good till next Sept.


Hey guy's I didn't just stop tellling you what I've been up to its just that not much has been going on mostly cleaning up after the body and paint work. Until last weekend that is, I had the crew over for coffee and conversaition, Randy brought over the scales and we put the car on them.

Other than that I will be tearing the seats and dash out and working to get carpet and door trim done before the snow melts which at this rate may be June.


Okay the snow keeps piling up out side but. I just keep moving toward the goal of getting the inside done before the snow melts. I have made a new note to self; if any one wants help to do sound deadener on their car, Run the other way. That is one pain the butt job I will only do if absolutely necessary, at least now I'm ready for carpet. I don't think it would be difficult to do an average car but, the crazy multi level floor and general curvy nature of my car made it a 14 hr job. enough griping here are the pics.

Does anyone know where you can get bulk heat set carpet edging retail, I really don't want to have to order or have the upholstery shop do it. Also looking for large area Velcro patches.


Well, I haven't frozen to death buried by the snow. I have tried to stay busy working on the car but I was only working weekends too cold to heat the shop for limited time after work. but I have gotten the carpet done. This was more difficult than the insulation. 

Now I tried and tried to find a way to cover the dash but there was nothing that would even come close to forming to the shape of it. So I hit it with some black texture spray and said oh well. Next I made a trip to my favorite idea finder ( the local pick-a-part yard) and for six dollars I came home with a few do-dads to finish up the look. Now I guess all I have left to do are the door panels and the interior will be done.

That's all for now


Well I did get the door panels done today, with that I can officially call the interior done.

Looks like I have to climb under the car and pack some foam between the chassis and the body to keep the heat from blowing in around the door jams.
P.S. we are getting another foot of snow today (great).


Well, Everyone I haven't had much to say on the build thread this summer as I have been going through what turned out to be the most difficult aspect of the whole build. But as of 5:30 pm (when I get home from work) I hold the title for my car. Never did I think that it would be this much red tape and bureaucracy to go through to get a car titled. Now understand that this is not a typical "KIT Build" this was a Scratch Built car. It all started last Oct. when I applied for title, here is a summery of what I went through.

Step 1. Apply for title. Two forms application for title, affidavit of reconstruction. This is to get the ball rolling give them your receipts all id numbers from all major components and pictures from all four sides. Pay the tax on fair market value of your vehicle (charged tax on your own labor). At this point they are supposed to give you temp plates so that you can use your vehicle to get it back and forth for inspections. Three of the offices I visited would not issue plates to me at this point, turned and walked away try another. Make appointment for inspection NOW!!

Step 2. After A FEW WEEKS you get the paperwork back, hopefully your appointment is till valid (No title yet). You are required to have your vehicle inspected this is to make sure the parts you put on the affidavit are the parts in your car and not stolen. At inspection they stamp your paperwork and send you back to the DMV, to apply for a VIN tag.Make another appointment at inspection station NOW!!

Step 3. FEW more WEEKS wait VIN tag shows up at inspection station you will be notified by mail it has been sent there. Again hope your appointment is valid. Go to inspection office inspector will look over your paperwork again and the stick the VIN tag to your car oh yea it is a freaking sticker and yes they have to be the ones who place the tag to your car. Oh yea still no title yet, inspector stamps your paperwork again and sends you back to the DMV.

Step 4. back to the DMV to finally file the final paperwork (and pay inspection fee) to get your title, wait SIX-EIGHT weeks for title to show up. hopefully your temp plates have not expired. You have just made the journey of a life time.

******* You rolled snake eyes go back one step***********

You receive letter from the state we cannot process your application for title you must provide a Surety Bond for 1.5 times the value of your car for three years. WTF!!!!more time and money later I send the paperwork for the bond into the state and now finally I get a title for my car.

I sure glad I got temp plates because, I have been out driving my car weather permitting the whole summer. I would have gone postal on someone if I was still waiting to get plates. But for now the journey is over and I can say that I did build a car from nothing and it is tagged and titled.

If you don't hear from me, I'm out enjoying "My Car"