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Although it is not required to have an account to view content on It is required to have an account to create content.

Registration process:

After creating a username and password, you will receive an email to verify your account. Once verified. You will be able to post content and will receive the ‘Welcome Email’ with instructions on getting started.

Username guidelines:

  • Minimum 4 characters
  • Must be unique
  • No spaces

Password guidelines:

  • Minimum 8 characters
  • Must be unique
  • No spaces

My Profile

Earning points

Users get points for almost everything action they take on, including commenting on other comment. Below is a breakdown of how points are calculated.

  • Create an Article: 15 points
  • Create a Build: 50 points
  • Create a DIY: 30 points
  • Write a Review: 10 points
  • Upload a Resource: 5 points
  • Create a Ride: 10 points
  • Add Images to your Ride: 3 points
  • Upload a Photo: 3 points
  • Share a Video: 3 points
  • Comment on Content: 1 point
  • Complete your Profile: 10 points per section

Creating Content

Do I have to choose a generation and/or manufacturer?

No, content not assigned is posted to the General page.

Allowable formats for uploading photos:

  • .jpeg
  • .gif
  • .png

What is the max file size that can be uploaded?

The max file upload size is 64MB. However, we recommend keeping uploads to less than 8MB in order to speed up the upload process. Once uploaded, your image will be resized and optimized to meet our site guidelines.

The General Page

The General Page is where you will find posted content that was not assigned to either a manufacturer or generation. This may happen for any number of reasons, for example:

  • When selecting the manufacturer and generation, the correct option was not available.
  • The person posting the content was unsure of the make and model.
  • The content is generic and applicable to many makes and models of vehicles.

The Manufacturers Page

The manufacturer page displays all the vehicles made by a particular manufacturer. To navigate to a vehicle’s page, click on the vehicle.

The Generations Page

The vehicle page contains all the content related to a particular automobile. Browse content organized by category or add content of your own.


A story showing the day to day experiences with your vehicle.


A detailed procedure showing how to complete a particular task on your vehicle. DIYs are organized by category, for example engine, suspension, AV, etc.


An article is an informative essay about a vehicle. Examples include “The History of Porsche” or “New Toyota Supra Leaked”


Share your experience with this vehicle.


A place to showcase your vehicle, and any related media or information. Threads you post about your vehicle will be displayed here.


Have a great photo to share? At photos don’t always have to be part of a Build, DIY, or a picture of your Ride. Photos can be added solely of themselves with little to no content.

Where can I find my photos displayed after uploading?

That partly depends on the options you selected while uploading your image. If you did not select either a manufacturer or a generation, then your photos will land on the general page. On the contrary, if you select a manufacturer and/or generation, then they will be displayed through those pages respectively. Near the top of the General, Manufacture, and Generation pages is a gallery slideshow. You can slide through the related photos there, or you can press the tile icon to be redirected to the complete gallery of related photos..


Can I link to sources other than YouTube, like Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter?

No. At this time, YouTube is the only platform that links to videos may be provided for upload to

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